Introduction to the Broadcast Diaries Blog

My goal of this blog is to explain the broadcast journalism business to the average reader as I have gone through my experiences in the field and continue my education in it.  The blog entries I plan to post will range from how-to blogs on making packages and other videos to reviews of local TV and radio stations, national newscasts and stories, reviews of computer programs used in the business, broadcast terminologies and journalism classes I have taken and currently am taking.

As I continue to take courses related to this business, readers of this blog will learn more about what I am learning these classes, along with some of my BG24 News and WBGU-FM endeavors as well, basically learning some of the same stuff I am.  I figure, what good is this information I am learning about if I do not share it with others interested in broadcasting?

We will also examine different networks, local stations and the news stories they have been known for.  Some of them are fairly reliable, while others are known for their use of sensationalism or bias to boost ratings and make themselves look “good.”  This is a good way for future broadcasters to know which sources to avoid and not avoid.  After all, just because a network calls themselves a news source does not necessarily mean they are the best one.

We will also discuss different computer programs used in broadcasting.  Some of them are more professional than others and some are easier to use than others.  And believe me, as a broadcast journalism student, the opinions I myself have on these programs can differ quite a bit.

And of course, along the way, I will be explaining what certain terms mean in broadcasting.  Since every broadcasting enthusiast or student is different, some might know more than others about what I will be talking about.  While broadcasting veterans will more than likely understand these posts very well, those who are just starting to study the field will not need to worry about not understanding unfamiliar words because I will be explaining most of them as I go along.

That said, keep watching for more entries.  Those who read them are guaranteed to learn something they probably have not already known.


About thebroadcastdiaries

I am a senior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I have had experiences in broadcasting starting in high school, continuing on into college and interning at a local radio station in Akron. My goal for this blog is to explain the broadcasting business to the average reader as I continue to study and pursue my broadcasting career.
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